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Host a Regional Contest in 2014-2015!  Bid Forms Now Available.

"TDI Spring Ahead Webinar - Tuesday, April 22, 7:30 pm 
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TDI names the "State Category Champions" and IHSA names the "All-Around Champions" for Illinois Competitive Dance!

It just makes sense!   Your "events" are at TDI and your "all around" is at IHSA.

Find out more here: 2014-15 Season Info!

TDI offers an educationally based competition circuit like no other!  Here,  artistic and technical development are cultivated and achievement is measured against a comprehensive, yet easy to understand rubric.  Coaches excel, teams thrive and parents respect the results and appreciate the experience their student performers are given.

Teams are provided real-time, audio/visual evaluations in digital format from separately trained and certified artistic and technical judges using separate  artistic and technical score sheets identifying 10 separate areas of evaluation.  Coaches and team members  are afforded even more in depth information about their scores and critiques at our post-contest critique sessions.

As a non-profit company, TDI strives to keep its fees reasonable without compromising quality.  Our staff boasts 150 years of combined experience as former performers, coaches and choreographers and is dedicated to preserving the traditions of competitive dance, nurturing new trends and respecting competitive dance as a unique combination of art, technique and sport.

Come Experience the Difference with TDI – We Have A Place For You!



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